Relentless Hope has a vision to work in various areas of Guatemala, specifically targeting the places referred to as the “Forgotten Villages” based on their remote location. It can require an average person long hours and difficult travel to reach some of these places. 

Relentless Hope programs target these  specific areas:

Health and Wellness – This starts out with a focus on nutrition. The nutrition portion is currently being carried out through feeding programs in which food donations are distributed to villagers.

This is already established in our first location, and our goal is to expand this part of the program to other villages soon. Also included could be feeding programs specifically for teens who are “in the streets” as well as nutrition bags to hand out to families that live on the streets. 

Mobile Medical and Dental Clinics will be established to travel from site to site, staffed with volunteers of short term service teams. The focus of each clinic will vary based on the skills of the team or the need of the area. 

Sustainability – This is a broader program that focuses on meeting the needs of the community, while establishing a foundation off of which they can continue to thrive on their own. Included in this would be construction projects – big and small. These could be such as building a school or church building needed by the community, or installing safer cooking stoves or latrines to ensure public health and safety. There will also be a mentorship program teaching self-sustainability in which men or families develop skills to provide long term for their families, such as education, job training, and financial management. Leadership training and mentorship for community leaders lacking resources or formal training. 

Orphan Care – This program will go in to orphanages to provide activities targeted to meet the physical and emotional needs of this critical population that often faces extreme poverty and/or violence. Relentless Hope has a goal to someday open its own stationary Orphan Care Center / Orphanage in the long term future. 

Relentless Hope recognizes that the needs of extreme poverty cannot be solved or fully impacted by just one organization. We seek to partner with like-minded organizations to build a stronger force that can band together to fight for those often overlooked.