Hi Everybody!

I really don’t know where to start, but I can start by saying THANK YOU! We have reached and exceeded our goal. At first I didn’t have the words to thank you all, but I have found an amazing photo that will show you how blessed we are having had your support.

Since summer started, things got very busy and I went weeks without checking email. We have been working with our agent to ensure that we have everything the IRS has required from us, 2 weeks ago, we received another email with a series of questions about “Relentless Hope” and it’s intentions and procedures regarding our medical clinics. We responded and now we are waiting to hear from them again.

This campaign will remain open because we have been asked a couple of times if we meet our goal can people still donate, and the answer is YES!

We will be starting a newsletter very soon, and we would like for you receive it. We will also be updating our Facebook Page as we have many news to share with all of you.

Again, I just want to say thank you for your love and support, it’s been an amazing encouragement to read your messages of support.