Dear friends:

I want to start thanking each and every one of you who have been part of this process since we posted this campaign, your support and prayers have been very important and your encouraging messages and posts have also motivated us to continue. Wanted to share where we are in the process regarding Relentless Hope being recognized as a non-profit.

As you know, we started Relentless Hope, hoping to reach more people in need in rural and far areas of Guatemala. After spending time researching the best avenue to get Relentless Hope registered as a non-profit in the U.S. has been an adventure and also a confirmation, and we’ve seen it through your support and encouragement. We have posted an update accompanied with news and progress updates. Today we can share more. We have reached an amazing amount of $1,200.00. We are currently $800 from our goal.

I can’t say how important this is for me. God knows every e-mail letting us know someone has given us their trust and support has made me jump and thank God for that person joining us. This journey is not only mine, it’s not to make RH known, but to help people in need. We have many stories that will be shared on Facebook and YouTube soon.

Many don’t really knows how or why I work so hard, and seem like I never rest. But I can’t say how excited I am to fight for those who are forgotten, for those who want to shine in their communities, yes also for the “least of these”.

Thank you again for joining us. I want to encourage you to share this with people around you that would like to also join. We will have the YouTube Channel available soon with more material and news about the work being done in Guatemala.

Thank you again for partnering with us. There will be more news about our website, Facebook Page and more.